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DUI Evaluation & Treatment Services provides DUI evaluations and classes in Springfield, Il to those individuals who have received a DUI and/or wanting their license reinstated.


Drug and alcohol use can have a crippling effect on you and those around you, and can lead to health problems and behavioral disorders. But there’s always hope and there is always light, even in the darkest of hours. DUI Evaluation & Treatment Services can help you overcome your problem. Whether you struggle with addiction or simply need court-ordered DUI services, we will help you get your life back on the right path - and, stay on that path for good.

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Professional Care

Our counselors receive specialized training and are approved by the state of Illinois to conduct court-approved alcohol evaluations and drug assessments. You will be comforted knowing that you're working with an ethical professional who can guide you through the difficult and confusing process of dealing with a DUI.


Confidential and Comprehensive

These services are conducted in a group setting because we’ve found that individuals respond best to treatment when treated together. We prefer a nurturing approach, with an emphasis on education and empowerment to move forward. We are here to help clients put this phase of their life behind and start anew.


Providing Affordable Quality Care

At DUI Evaluation & Treatment Services we understand the excessive costs and stress that can accompany a DUI charge. As a result, we strive to ensure that we're not only offering the highest quality of care, but that we're doing so as the least expensive provider in Sangamon County.

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Q: Do I need an appointment or can I walk-in?
A: You need to call to schedule an appointment.

Q: Do I need any paperwork for my evaluation?
A: Yes. You will need a copy of your court purposes driving record, which can be obtained at the Secretary of State's Office. You will also need a copy of EITHER the Law Enforcement Officer's Sworn Report OR your Notice of Summary Suspension/Revocation. You should have received this form at your DUI. If not, you can obtain it at the Circuit Clerk's Office in the county of your DUI.

Q: How long will the evaluation take?
A: A typical evaluation can be completed within an hour.

Q: Will I get a copy of my evaluation the day I come in?
A: No. It takes at least 24 hours for your evaluation to be ready for pick-up.

Q: How many classes will I need?
A: We can only answer this after completing your evaluation.

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